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Material support

Provide enterprise brochures, product brochures and more than 100 types of promotional materials. Provide all kinds of TV advertising, as well as newspapers, road signs, body, light box, vertical box, POP and other full set of graphic design and production programs, to ensure the terminal store vivid display and the best effect of regional brand communication.

Terminal construction (store decoration) support

1. Support dealers to develop the image construction of exclusive stores and distribution stores with a huge amount of money. Provide free display shelves, samples, special interior wall color mixing wall topcoat, culture books, corporate image films, promotional banners and other special supporting products required for the operation of exclusive stores.
2, according to the size and decoration level of the corresponding cost subsidies

Brand communication support
Huge amount of advertising support every year. According to the different situation in different places, through the creative road signs, car, sales point POP and other advertising, achieve three levels of central, local, terminal advertising three-dimensional support, ensure pear brand paint has a good visibility.

Public relations and promotion support
The company will support the distributor's marketing expenses in accordance with the terms of the annual distribution contract. From time to time, various promotion activities and publicity activities will be held in each region to ensure the steady growth of sales performance.

Training support
Every year, we launch various training courses for President, distributor, purchasing guide, construction, sales, service and management. To ensure that the market competitiveness of customers and enterprises synchronized promotion.

Reward support

Set up incentive mechanism, year-end high reward!

personnel support

Company staff to assist dealers in market research, competitive product analysis, policy formulation, etc.

Customer resource support
Headquarters continuously provides relevant customer resources to corresponding dealers, such as distribution resources and engineering resources.