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Industrial Paint-BEINAITU Industrial Coating
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Name:BEINAITU Industrial Coating
Product Introduction

Industrial coatings or paints are often defined by their protective rather than aesthetic properties, although they often provide both functions. In terms of volume, most industrial coatings are "protective", for example, they are used to control corrosion of steel or concrete, but this is a complex market segment with many different fields.

Industrial paint, used for the protection and decoration of equipment, ships, containers, bridges, gas tanks, port machinery, chemical equipment, railway tank cars, electric machinery, storage tanks, inner walls of pipes, various steel structures, concrete, etc. produced by industrial enterprises paint.

Outstanding washability 
Alkali resistant 
stain resistance 
Strong adhesion 
Excellent Resistance to Weather / UV

Construction reference
1. The substrate must be sanded before construction (Tool: brush, roller, spray);
2. The surface to be coated must be cleaned in advance, and there must be no dust, grease and loose attachments to increase the adhesion and durability of the coating film;
3. The original paint must be stirred before use, if any impurities need to be filtered;
4. It can be diluted with water before spraying, and the added amount is about 10-15%.
5. Use a new electric stirring rod. It is forbidden to use a paint mixing rod for stirring. The rollers / brushes must be new, and the used ones are forbidden; the spray tools used for painting must be thoroughly cleaned with detergent and water to make them free of residual solvents
6. Paint cannot be mixed with paint, different types of paints and thinners, so as to prevent the product from being applied or causing problems;
7. Construction temperature is above 5 ℃, humidity is below 75%.