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Metal Paint-LIPAI Antirust Paint
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Name:LIPAI Antirust Paint
Product Introduction

LIPAI Antirust Paint is a water-based paint without toxic and any heavy metals. It has excellent effect of corrosion protection and chemical resistance. It is suitable for all various types of metal which can keep long-lasting protection.

Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Undercoat/Primer LIPAI Antirust Paint 1-2 coat(s)
Top-coat LIPAI Metal Paint 1-2 coat(s)
Top-coating LIPAI Metal Top-coating 1-2 coat(s)
Application Data

Application Brush, roller, spray Recoating interval 2 hours
Thinning Depends on circumstances No. of Coat(s) 2 coats
Hard Dry 5-6hours Theoretical Coverage 5㎡ per kilogram

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