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Tile Grout-A plus B Tile Grout
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Name:A plus B Tile Grout
Product Introduction
LIPAi tile grout is rich in color, natural and delicate, shiny, non-fading, and has a strong decorative effect. Its various colors can be matched with tiles of different textures and colors, and the beautiful brick seams and tiles are melted. As one, it further enhances the overall beauty of the wall. LIPAI tile grout is green, advanced, non-toxic, tasteless, free of benzene, toluene and xylene.


                                                                                        a.Clean the dirt or powder attached on gap sides 

                                                                                b.Trim the rubber tube mouth accordingly to match the gap size

                                                                                                      c.Install the caulking gun

                                                                  d.Extrude approximate 30cm long out and discard to avoid unevenly mixture

                                                                                                      e.Fill the gap with adhesive

                                                                                  f.Shape the adhesive to be level and smooth with ball

                                                                    g.Shovel the superfluous along the gap sides with scraper after couple of hours air dry


                                                                                                            Caulking gun

                                                                                                           Ball shape too



A plus B Tile Grout Color Choice: