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LIPAI is a new water-based paint, Zhongshan Huafeng Fine Chemical Factory 21 years build the industry brand. Huafeng Fine Chemical Factory was founded in 1997, headquarter located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. After years of continuous innovation, LIPAI is currently launching the highest-end products: Latex paint, Floor paint, Tile grout, Art paint, Metal paint, Wood paint, etc. LIPAI shares healthy, green, environmental protection, enjoyable high-quality space environmental with you and meet your needs for the outstanding performance of latex paint.

Zhongshan Huafeng Fine Chemicals Factory has established its own brand “Lipai Paint”, which has been processing for many internationally renowned coatings companies for 21 years. It has accumulated rich R&D experience and technology precipitation, and is praised by the industry as “Coating Foxconn”. In 2009, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology's combination of ecological and natural materials, the introduction of foreign advanced coating production equipment and new environmentally friendly formula, high starting point, on a strict basis, dedicated to product development and promotion in the Asia-Pacific region, and established in major cities A strong sales network, and advanced business strategy to achieve, dealers, consumers win-win business management goals. The launch of the highest-end products at home and abroad, such as simple art ecological paint, interior wall latex paint, exterior latex paint, beauty grout, floor paint and other "China Ping An Property Insurance" insurance products.
LIPAI Paint 2018 is the year of brand upgrade. We won the "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Home Decoration Coatings", the Chinese Consumer Satisfaction Brands and other awards. What’s more, we invested heavily in CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, CCTV-10 CCTV advertising and 500 high-end media annual reports to implementation Multi-dimensional branding.

After 21 years of growth, LIPAI Paint has become a super star in the wall paint industry. However, as a “high-end” whole house painting custom company, the company insists on “good faith for customers, good quality for market, good service for creating value, innovation for opportunity to operate in a professional industry”.
High quality living environment space -LIPAI build together with you.