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LIPAI Paint has established a technology research and development organization. The most modern coating technology R&D center always takes technology R&D as the foundation for enterprise development, continuously increases R&D investment, and has established a strong professional R&D team. The company applied for patents for a number of scientific research achievements and obtained a patent certificate. Under the meticulous use of high-quality scientific and technological talents, LIPAI Coatings has continuously introduced high-quality products with the atmosphere of the times, fully realizing people's dreams of color and environmental protection.

An efficient management system has been established within the enterprise, so that all aspects of production, sales, research and development, human resources, and enterprises constitute the working process of the system, improve the company's office efficiency and comprehensive management capabilities, and reduce the cost of enterprise management. Manage efficiency and enhance corporate competitiveness. We have passed a strict and efficient management system. Incorporate exquisite technology and professionalism into every detail, continuously improve and improve product performance, develop new products, develop new technologies, and ensure rigorous production and excellent quality.