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LIPAI Art Paint Training Successfully Completed!

日期: 2019-10-16 07:17 点击:

    From September 19th to September 21st, art paint skill training was held at the Zhongshan LIPAI Paint Headquarters. Decorators from different province joined this training. This training combined theoretical explanation and practical operation to make a systematic teaching on the LIPAI art paint products. Training members could timely ask questions for trainers.

    Trainers explained the construction points, the usage of tools, construction techniques and other detailed operation which is good for members to understand LIPAI art paint operation. Under the trainer patient and humorous teaching style, the whole art paint training atmosphere was relaxed and active, which stimulated members learning enthusiasm.

    Primer construction, basic paint construction, brush painting construction, painting construction, printing brush color, color block effect, etc., all of these are explained and demonstrated one by one, and let members practice.
Every member were meticulous for careful operation. They were not willing to miss each steps and each details. Try their best to show their perfect works.

    Meanwhile, after finishing practical operation, members’ undertake self-evaluation and mutual evaluation urged members to be familiar with operational approaches. Trainers also carried on comment guidance, point out noticeable points and give a few suggestions in order to let members not only can brush but also creative new work for the customers.

    Through this practice, members directly understand LIPAI art paint products and master the construction process. Trainers also organized the members to visit the exhibition hall which could make members enhance the artistic aesthetic ability and enhance the usage of color as well as texture.

    This training is successful. After this training, we believe that product promotion and reputation will be better and better.