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The Suggestion of Latex Paint Color Selection

日期: 2019-10-16 07:16 点击:

The color of the latex paint can be blended, so using latex paint to paint the wall can match the effect we want. But how do we use the latex paints with rich color. This passage will introduce the usage skill of latex paint color and the decoration style.

Decoration style: first of all, what kind of decoration style you like, whether you want a personalized decoration or a warm and harmonious decoration.
If you choose the former style and have a unique personality, as long as the color match the decoration and it would not too exaggerated, the color can be casually matched until you are satisfied.
If you choose the latter style and you want a homely feel, we suggest that the choice of the color should not be too bright and try to be soft and delicate under the light.

Bedroom color: The bedroom is suitable for people to have a relaxed, comfortable environment. So the color should be used light colors. Light blue, light yellow, light beige, warm yellow, pink blue, autumn green, etc. are all good color to be chosen.

Living room color: The living room is a place for entertaining customers, so the color of the living room should be elegant and fashionable. The color taboos are red and black, which makes customers feeling depressed and arrogant. Generally, it is mainly in light color. Beige and white are well matched with other decorations.

Bathroom color: if you like to create a homely atmosphere, blue latex paint maybe your good choice. The blue especially sky blue is fresh and elegant, often becoming a reflection of the tropical style of modern decorative design, enhancing mystery and privacy.

Dining room color: Warm color is suitable for dining room, such as red, orange, yellow, etc., can give a warm feeling. But bright colors should be used as embellishments as much as possible, such as red + beige, orange + ivory, because if used in large areas, it is easy to feel depressed. Food placed on warm color tables or placemats is always better appetite than in other color environment.

The color of the latex paint should not look sharp. This is a taboo for decoration. It should be avoided from the perspective of tradition or design. Color affects the overall atmosphere of the home, as well as the owner's mood, so we should be careful when we choose colors for home decoration.