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The Misunderstandings of Latex Paint

日期: 2019-10-24 09:05 点击:

When the home is being renovated, a lot of people will use latex paint to decorate the wall. After all, the wall is the largest contact area in the whole house, so the choice of wall latex paint should be extremely demanding. However, there are still many people who have misunderstandings about latex paint construction. Even some misunderstandings have seriously affected construction.

No.1: Layered latex paint can no longer be used?
Many owners believe that layered latex paint can no longer be used. In fact, latex paint is an aqueous solution. It is normal when the situation of delamination happened in latex paint. If mildew and smell don’t appear, latex paint can be used normally after being stirred evenly and it will not affect the final brushing effect and quality. Amount of layered latex paint after opening is also one of the important factors to test the quality of latex paint. The two major components of latex paint are emulsion and titanium dioxide. The emulsion has good film-forming properties and effectively covers fine cracks. Titanium dioxide has a good hiding power, but the environmental performance is not good, so the better latex paint is actually relatively weak covering effect.

No.2: Without adding water to the latex paint, the roller will not work?
Any latex paint, whether it is adding water or not adding water, can be brushed with a roller, but the remaining knurled print is apparent. Dark latex paint is relatively poor in covering effect. If water is added during the brushing, it is very easy to destroy the wall. Therefore, the paint is generally not watered. For walls of the same area, one uses a dark latex paint to brush at least twice the amount of light latex paint. According to the characteristics of latex paint, it is decided to add water or no water.
Actually, the original latex paint can increase the elastic tension of the paint film and effectively cover the fine cracks.

No.3: It is better if the wall looks as smooth as possible?
According to the above misunderstanding, it can be known that the texture of the roll is thicker and the texture is clearer without adding water. Opposite, the more water is added, the smoother wall will be, but the filming property of the paint is relatively poor.
Under normal circumstances, the construction method of latex paint has two processes: roll coating and machine spraying. For the wall using spray coating, the surface is indeed smoother and better. But for the roll coating, it is not. Normally, there will be stayed texture on the wall.

No.4: Open doors and windows to relieve odor?
Although latex paint is a water-based paint with excellent environmental performance, many owners still like to open the doors and windows after using the latex paint, one is to accelerate the drying of the wall, and the other is to relieve the paint odor. It seems to be a two-pronged approach, but is this really correct? In fact, it's not correct. Especially in the dry areas, if the paint drying time is too fast, the latex paint will quickly lose water in a short time, which will easily cause the wall to crack. The correct way is to open the window with a small slit to ensure that the wall is completely dry within 1-2 days under the premise of indoor ventilation.

No.5: White powder on the wall means that the paint has quality problems?
The wall surface of the latex paint construction, the white powder is touched by hand, you don't have to be nervous, and the "powder" that falls off is mostly the dust on the wall. During the construction of the latex paint, a lot of dust will slowly adhere to the wall surface, and a similar powder drop phenomenon may occur after touching the hand. It can be solved that after erased by duster or clean towel, one can use sealing primer. If the quality of the latex paint is relatively poor, the moisture content is too much, the emulsion is less, and the wall surface may be rubbed off with a towel after one or two years of painting, but this paint surface will not easily drop powder by touching.

No.6: Latex paint can be used normally as long as it does not freeze?
Emulsion is an important component in latex paint and a major film-forming substance. The emulsion is composed of a large amount of emulsion particles and water. The emulsion particles are formed by an emulsifier-wrapped oleoresin. Due to the emulsifier-wrapped, the emulsion particles can be uniformly dispersed in water and become stable. If the latex paint is stored in a low temperature environment, the low temperature will destroy the emulsifier on the surface of the emulsion particles, causing the oily resin in each emulsion particle to adhere to each other to form an oily resin block. The oily resin cannot be compatible with water. The state of the layer causes the latex paint to be unusable. After the low temperature of the paint is frozen, the emulsion will be destroyed, resulting in the moisture layer of the latex paint oil. It cannot be used continuously. It cannot be determined that the temperature can be restored to the original state. It is not recommended to continue using the latex paint.