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Art Paint——A New Wall Paint in Your House

日期: 2019-11-13 09:02 点击:

The main component of art paint is natural ore, which is environmentally friendly and has no formaldehyde. It has a character of 5-6k times higher than that of activated carbon.

Porous physical structure, highly efficient adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, PVC and other decorative pollutants in indoor air.

Therefore, it has been widely used in modern home to improve formaldehyde problem, and it is the most popular and recognized new green environmental protection material in modern times.

Art paints have a very high degree of plasticity, and the effect of home decoration is even more extreme. The art paint wall not only for wall protection, but also have rich and varied decoration which makes every owner's home is different.  

Because of its pure natural inorganic properties, art paint itself does not contain any heavy metals. When used on the wall surface, it will not generate static so the floating dust is not easy to adhere, and the wall surface is lasting and fresh.

The house is a place where one stays the longest time, so it is necessary to paint a wall with environmentally-friendly design, comfortable experience.

LIPAI art wall paint material is a new painting type used on the wall. Now the LIPAI art wall paint has strong adhesion ability, and the tile can be applied with the LIPAI tile grout. The construction of the material and good adhesion after construction, which is very attractive for some owners who like personalized design.